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3-on-3 Basketball Leauge

Competitive & Recreation Leagues to help warm up for our 5-on-5 Basketball League from December through March. The gym will open at approximately 6:30 p.m. NOTE: mid-November, please do not enter gym if high school teams are still practicing. Players may be added to your roster through your 3rd playing date. Maximum of 6 players.

3-on-3 Basketball League


LOCATION: High School Gym (October 18th, 25th, Nov. 1st, 8th, 15th, and 29th)

  • Gym opens at approximately 6:30 p.m. Note: mid-November, please do not enter gym if high school teams are still practicing.
  • Players may be added to your roster through your 3rd playing date.
  • Offense calls fouls & violations. Defense may call charges & violations. If disputed, Offense over rules.
  • Games are divided into four mini-games (4 potential wins each game). Each quarter is to 15 points or 12 minutes running time, whichever comes first. Tied quarters go to "overtime" with first team to 2 points the winner.
  • There is a 2 minute break between quarters. There are no time outs during play.
  • Each basket is worth 1 point, shots beyond the arc count as 2 points. There are no free throws.
  • Stalling is not allowed and intentional fouls inside of 1 minute will result in 1 pt. & ball.
  • On change of possessions-fouls-violations, ball must be brought beyond the cones (about 5' above top of key). When ball is checked by defense, offense may either pass or dribble to start play, you CAN NOT SHOOT directly off of check. Substitutions may be made at any dead ball check.
  • After a made basket the opponent gets the ball (NOT make it - take it). No pressing once rebound is controlled.
  • Once ball is put into play the mid-court line is out of bounds.
  • Jump balls go to the defensive team.

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    LEAGUE SET-UP: If Play-offs needed on November 29th. Play two 15pt. mini-games. If teams split the mini games a tie-breaking game to 5pts. will determine the champion. Coin flip for start of the mini 5 pt. game.

    October 2017

    Wednesday, October 18 @ High School

    6:45 (W) Chris' Car Care 1 REMAX Preferred 3

    6:45 (E) Nate's Nets 0 Money Menzel 4

    Wednesday, October 25 @ High School

    6:45 (W) REMAX Preferred 3 Nate's Nets 1

    6:45 (E) Money Menzel 4 Chris' Car Care 0

    November 2017

    Wednesday, November 1 @ High School

    6:45 (W) Money Menzel 4 REMAX Preferred 0

    6:45 (E) Nate's Nets 2 Chris' Car Care 2

    Wednesday, November 8 @ High School Gym

    6:45 (W) Money Menzel 2 Nate's Nets 2

    6:45 (E) REMAX Preferred 3 Chris' Car Care 1

    Wednesday, November 15 @High School Gym

    6:45 (W) Chris' Car Care 0 Money Menzel 4

    6:45 (E) Nate's Nets 0 REMAX Preferred 4

    Wednesday, November 22


    Wednesday, November 29

    6:45 (W) Chris' Car Care 0 Nate's Nets 4

    6:45 (E) REMAX Preferred 1 Money Menzel 3


    **PLAY OFF (if needed) @ 7:45 PM


    As of November 29, 2017
    Money Menzel
    Remax Preferred
    Nate's Nets
    Chris' Car Care

    This Year's Champions

    2017 Money Menzel
    2016 Money Menzel
    2015 FA Shooters
    2014 No League
    2013 Bus Drivers
    2012 Capn's