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5-on-5 Basketball Leauge

Competitive & Recreation Leagues to help warm up for our 5-on-5 Basketball League from December through March. The gym will open 10 minutes before the start of the first game.

5-on-5 Basketball League




  • Teams play each other twice during the regular season with each team having two byes. The top 2 teams from the regular season will adcance to the Finals (Best of 3 play-off series) with the winner deemed the LEague Champion. NO play-off games will break ties....Instead, In order: head to head play, then point difference in those games, then coin flip (if needed). Same tiebreaker will be used to place teams in the 3 team post-season round robin contests.

  • We have a great pride in our league. Most of our referees have been with our league for many years and understand the balance for calling a tight game and enjoying the flow of recreation league play. Our referees are approachable, but must be treated respectfully. If any player crosses that line with our referees, staff or opponents will have consequences. Team captains are expected to help keep their players under control.

  • Fort Rec. Basketball League Note: We should have 5 competitive teams in the "A" League. We would certainly want a 6th team but no current "B" team is ready for this. We have 10 teams in our "B" this year and have a first ever "B+" division and several new teams. It is our hope we may ready a team to join our "A" League for next season.

    LOCATION: Fort Atkinson High School Gym Varsity Court (High School teams practice until 6:25 - DO NOT enter gym before 6:25)


  • Games are 4 quarters, 10 minutes long. Overtimes are 2 minutes. Clock stops for time outs, unusual delays & last 2 minutes of the games and overtime for all dead ball situations.
  • ONE timeout per half (can not be carried over). Only one timeout in overtime. 3 minute half time break.
  • First team listed gets possession to start game, then alternate possession (including start of overtime)
  • 7 team fouls=bonus each half. 10 team fouls = double bonus. Players foul out on their 5th Personal foul.
  • Technical fouls result in two shots and a personal foul is charged to the offender. Two technicals or a flagrant technical will cause players to be ejected. Any player ejected must miss their team's next game. A second ejection will make the player ineligible for the remainder of the season. Ejection due to fighting will receive stiffer penalties- including suspension from other Parks & Rec. Leagues.
  • WIAA rules are in effect with these exceptions:
  • *Free Throws: Rebounders in lane spaces may enter lane on release of ball (other players must wait above
  • the arc, shooter above the free throw line, and wait till ball touches the basket).
  • *You may not catch your own shot (calling as traveling)
  • *Slapping the backboard while shot is in the air is goaltending (defensive or offensive)
  • *On time outs, ball may be advanced to half court
  • By WIAA rule, on free throws there may not be more than 2 offensive rebounders & no more than 4 defensive rebounders in lane spaces.
  • Players must be 15 years old, and may not have been on a high school or college team during the current season.
  • All rosters freeze after January 23. Up to 11 per team roster.

  • December 2017

    Wednesday, December 6

    6:40 ReMAX Preferred 54 Flores Painting 69

    7:40 PeroDIGM Design 68 Unknowns 62

    Bye: Brock's Riverwalk

    High Scorer this week was: Nic Krull - Flores Painting & Engelstad - Perodigm Design 24 Points Each

    Wednesday, December 13

    6:40 ReMAX Prefferred 59 Brock's Riverwalk 61

    7:40 Flores Painting 58 Unknowns 43

    Bye: PeroDIGM Design

    High Scorer this week was: Luke Bernard - Brocks Riverwalk 25 Points

    Wednesday, December 20

    6:40 Flores Painting 56 Brock's Riverwalk 42

    7:40 ReMAX Preferred 82 PeroDIGM Design 38

    Bye: Unknowns

    High Scorer this week was: Nic Krull - Flores Painting 23 points

    Wednesday, December 27


    January 2018

    Wednesday, January 3

    6:40 Brock's Riverwalk 57 Unknowns 41

    7:40 PeroDIGM Design 50 Flores Painting 62

    Bye: ReMAX Preferred

    High Scorer this week was: Krull 20 points- Flores Painting, Warne 20 points PeroDIGM

    Wednesday, January 10

    6:40 Unknowns 35 ReMax Preferred 81

    7:40 Brock's Riverwalk 57 PeroDIGM Design 64

    BYE: Flores Painting

    High Scorer this week was: Warne 20 points- PeroDIGM

    Wednesday, January 17

    6:40 Unknowns 54, PeroDIGM Design 43

    7:40 Flores Painting 58, ReMAX Preferred 70

    BYE: Brock's Riverwalk

    High Scorer this week was: Tom Macaskill- Remax 30 points

    ROSTERS FREEZE (Jan. 23rd)

    Wednesday, January 24

    6:40 Unknowns 76, Flores Painting 73

    7:40 Brock's Riverwalk 53, ReMAX Preferred 57

    BYE: PeroDIGM Design

    High Scorer this week was: Nick Krull- 18 points Flores Painting

    Wednesday, January 31

    6:40 PeroDIGM Designs 58, ReMAX Preferred 71

    7:40 Brock's Riverwalk 50, Flores Painting 71

    BYE: Unknowns

    High Scorer this week was: Rob Pero- PeroDigm Designs- 24 points, Jacob Oestreicher- Remax - 24 points

    February 2018

    Wednesday, February 7

    6:40 Flores Painting 74, PeroDIGM Designs 56

    7:40 Unknowns 59, Brock's Riverwalk 72

    BYE: ReMAX Preferred

    High Scorer this week was: Flores Painting- Greg Happ 20 points, Brock's Riverwalk- Brett Behselich 20 points

    Wednesday, February 14

    6:40 PeroDIGM Designs 60, Brock's Riverwalk 78

    7:40 ReMAX Preferred 50, Unknowns 48

    BYE: Flores Painting

    High Scorer this week was: Luke Bernard- Brock's 22 points

    *** End of Regular Season ***

    Wednesday, February 21

    6:40 (The FINALS Best of 3) ReMax 45, Flores Painting 49

    7:40 PerioDIGM 43, Brock's Riverwalk 50

    High Scorer this week was: Adrian Flores & Nic Krull- 17 points Flores Painting

    Wednesday, February 28

    6:40 Unknowns 76, PeroDIGM 62

    7:40 The FINALS (Game 2) ReMax 54, Flores Painting (2-0) 65

    High Scorer this week was: Remax- Tom Macaskill - 25 points

    March 2018

    Wednesday, March 7

    6:40 Brock's Riverwalk 57, Unknowns 63

    7:40 The FINALS (Game 3- if needed) ReMax vs., Flores Painting

    High Scorer this week was: Brett Behselich- Brock's Riverwalk 24 points

    Wednesday, March 14

    Make-ups (if needed)


    As of February 28, 2018
    Flores Painting
    ReMax Preferred
    Brock's Riverwalk
    PeroDIGM Design

    This Year's Champions

    2017-18 Flores Painting

    Previous Champions

    2016-17 Brock's Riverwalk
    2015-16 Nike
    2014-15 Team Nike
    2013-14 Harpoon Willies
    2012-13 Team Nike
    2011-12 Brickhouse/Studio 8
    2010-11 Krause Accounting
    2009-10 Paddy's Irish Pub
    2008-09 W&A Distribution
    2007-08 Beaver Tree
    2006-07 Spacesaver