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5 - on - 5 Basketball League- B-Bonus League

Competitive & Recreation Leagues to help warm up for our 5-on-5 Basketball League from January through March. The gym will open 10 minutes before the start of the first game.

5 on 5 Basketball League



LOCATION: *****Fort Atkinson Municipal Building***** (teams practice until 7:30)

LEAGUE SET-UP: The league is designed as a "B" level, not "B+". Teams in this league will play every opponent twice. Team with best record will be the champion. A tie for first place will be broken with a play-off game. Thanks for entering our league, but the experience will only be enjoyable if all players honestly call the game and any disputes are handled quickly & fairly. Team captains are required to help keep attitudes in check, decision-making & solving disagreements fair.

  • LEAGUE NOTES....... LEAGUE NOTES......... LEAGUE NOTES........... LEAGUE NOTES ...........
  • Games are 4 quarters, 10 minutes long. Overtimes are 2 minutes. Clock stops for time outs, unusual delays & last 2 minutes of the games and overtime for all dead ball situations.
  • ONE timeout per half (can not be carried over). Only one timeout in overtime. 3 minute half time break.
  • First team listed gets possession to start game, then alternate possession (including start of overtime).
  • 7 team fouls=bonus each half. 10 team fouls=double bonus. Players foul out on their 6th Personal foul ("B" only)
  • IMPORTANT: Players may waive shooting free throws during the game to save playing time. HOWEVER, free throws MAY NOT be waived during the final 2 minutes of play and overtime.
  • All free throws, including bonus free throws, will be shot inside of 2 minutes in the game & overtime.
  • End of Quarters: Fouling to avoid teams getting a shot off is allowed, but if an intentional foul it results in 2 shots & ball for offensive team.
  • Technical fouls do not exist, but players may be required to sit out if temper interfers with enjoyment of the game. Players may also be required to sit out games if conduct is detrimental to league play.
  • After dead ball, inbound from above the 3 point line. After ball is checked, ball must be passed inbounds to start clock (not dribbled or shot to start possession).
  • Players must be 15 years old, and may not have been on a high school or college team during the current season. All roster freeze after January 23. 12 players permitted per team ("B" LEAGUE ONLY)
  • The league's success & your enjoyment will depend on the honesty and attitude of you & the other players in this league. Captains of each team have an important leadership position to keep their players under control. If a dispute arises concerning a call - the offensive team's call will determine the outcome OR if agreed upon by both teams, scorekeeper Tim St. will settle disputes. We have 20 teams that registered for our Wednesday Night LEague basketball and only room for 12 to play each night at the high school. We greatly thank you for your patience while we tried to solve our issue. Other Rec. Depts. in our area have chosen not to run these leagues. We'll do our best to keep these leagues in place, but please help us by keeping a positive attitude during league play.

    January 2019

    Wednesday, January 9

    7:45 Kendall Packaging Forfeit, The Works Hair Salon 1

    8:45 Griffin Ford 35, Rustic Smokehouse 41

    Bye: Five Finger Ball Slingers

    High Scorer this week: Owen Chady - Griffin Ford 14 pts

    Wednesday, January 16

    7:45 Five Finger Ball Slingers 71, Griffin Ford 43

    8:45 Rustic Smokehouse 38, Kendall Packaging 48

    Bye: The Works Hair Salon

    High Scorer this week: Nate Fosberg - 5 Finger Ball Slingers - 23 pts

    Wednesday, January 23

    7:45 The Works Hair Salon 80, Rustic Smokehouse 55

    8:45 Kendall Packaging 77, Five Finger Ball Slingers 64

    Bye: Griffin Ford

    ROSTERS FREEZE (Jan. 30th)

    High Scorer this week was: Dave Johnson - Kendall Packaging 35 pts


    7:45 Griffin Ford vs., Kendall Packaging

    8:45 Five Finger Ball Slingers vs., The Works Hair Salon

    Bye: Rustic Smokehouse

    High Scorer this week was:

    February 2019

    Wednesday, February 6

    7:45 Rustic Smokehouse 66, Five Finger Ball Slingers 98

    8:45 The Works Hair Salon 57, Griffin Ford 41

    Bye: Kendall Packaging

    High Scorer this week was: Nate Fosberg- Five Finger Ball Slingers- 30 pts

    Wednesday, February 13

    7:45 The Works Hair Salon 67, Kendall Packaging 53

    8:45 Rustic Smokehouse 62, Griffin Ford 47

    Bye: Five Finger Ball Slingers

    High Scorer this week was: Brett Cashner - Kendall Packaging - 28 pts

    Wednesday, February 20

    7:45 Griffin Ford 61, Five Finger Ball Slingers 70

    8:45 Kendall Packaging Forfeit, Rustic Smokehouse 1

    Bye: The Works Hair Salon

    High Scorer this week was: Zach - Griffin Ford - 27 pts

    Wednesday, February 27

    7:45 Rustic Smokehouse 50, The Works Hair Salon 80

    8:45 Five Finger Ball Slingers 71, Kendall Packaging 69

    Bye: Griffin Ford

    High Scorer this week was: Nate Fosberg - Five Finger Ball Slingers - 35 pts

    March 2019

    Wednesday, March 6 (New Game Times)

    6:45 Kendall Packaging 71, Griffin Ford 29

    7:45 The Works Hair Salon 63, Five Finger Ball Slingers 65

    BYE: Rustic Smokehouse

    High Scorer this week was: Dan Aummann- The Works Hair Salon- 27 pts

    Wednesday, March 13 (New Game Times)

    6:45 Five Finger Ball Slingers 77 Rustic Smokehouse 48

    7:45 Griffin Ford 38, The Works Hair Salon 53

    BYE: Kendall Packaging

    High Scorer this week was: Jon Schaper, Koebe Starr - 30 pts- 5 Finger Ball Slingers

    Wednesday, March 20 (GAMES FROM JAN 30,TIME CHANGE)

    6:45 Griffin Ford 27, Kendall Packaging 52

    7:45 Five Finger Ball Slingers 99, The Works Hair Salon 60

    Bye: Rustic Smokehouse

    ** End of Regular Season **

    High Scorer this week was: Chaunsey W - 5 Finger Ball Slingers - 38 pts

    Wednesday, March 27

    Play-off (if needed)

  • Standings

    As of March 20, 2019
    "B" Bonus Division
    Five Finger Ball Slingers
    The Works Hair Salon
    Kendall Packaging
    Rustic Smokehouse
    Griffin Ford

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