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Softball League Schedule & Information

Games are played evenings at Ralph Park softball diamonds located at 600 Jefferson St. To check if weather conditions may have caused cancellation, beginning at 4:30 p.m., call the Ralph Park Softball Hotline at 920.568.9719. Complete league rules are outlined in the league schedule book available on opening night or also located in the scorebox. Players may participate several nights per week, but once you have played for a team you are ineligible to play for any other team or in any other league on that night. Players must be 15 years of age to participate (except the 30 & older league).

Adult Programs  Softball Wednesday Menís "GOLD" League

Wednesday Men's "C"/Gold League


League Set-up: To reach our 6 game goal; starting Sept. 20, the top 2 teams will meet for a World Series (win 2 out of 3 games) to win the "C" League Championship. If there is a tie for the top 2 spots it will not be broken by a play-off, instead by head-to-head results, then the score difference in those games, then draw. Note: No run handicap used in World Series. The remaining 3 teams will play each other once each. Team with best reocrd- regular season & round robine combined- will win the GOld Division (same tiebreaker method). Check website on Sept 15th for your updated schedule. Run Handicap remains in the Round Robin play.


1. Fort Summer Softball rules apply - Rules are in scorebox.

2. Illegal bats determined by ASA rules. Must have legal ASA stamp and not on the ASA illegal bat list.

3. Second team listed is the home team.

4. Rosters freeze when the 20 player limit reached. Players must play in part of, at least, 1 game to participate play-offs (bottom 4 tourney game are not considered play-off games).

5. Home Run Rule-South Diamond: Teams may not have more than 3 over the fence home runs than its opponent. Then are outs. (Example: If a team has 2 HRs, opponent may have 5 HRs)NOTE: Homerun rule is different if games played on the North Diamond (see #6).

*Pitching Arch Limit: 6 to 10 feet from ground. Plate & Mat is a strike. *Base runners may advance only on a batted ball. No leading off. Safety extrension at home plate & safety first base, check rules.

6. Regulation game is 7 innings, 55 minute time limit. 15 run rule after 5 inn., 12 after 6 inn. Rain Make-ups will be held at 9:15 or on the North Diamond. If played on the North Diamond a home run limit of 3 will be in effect. Additional home runs are outs.

7. Players & teams new to Fort Parks & Rec. Softball: we don't tolerate trash talking, disrespect toward umpires and players. Team captains are expected to help keep their players in compliance.

8. Players may play on only one team per league night. (can NOT play on two or more different Wednesday teams.) Call (920) 563-7781 for info.

August, 2018

Wednesday, August 22

6:15 Stevens Trucking 16 Soup's On (-6) 25

7:15 Whitewater Manufacturing 3 Valia Excavating 15

8:15 RyMak Services 22 Soup's On II 13

Wednesday, August 29

6:15 Stevens Trucking 9 Valia Excavating 10

7:15 RyMak Services 18 Soup's On (-6) 26

8:15 Soup's On II 18 Whitewater Manufacturing 5

September, 2018

Wednesday, September 5 (Bye: Rymak Services, DH-Soup's On)

6:15 Valia Excavating vs., Soup's On (-6)

7:15 Soup's On vs., Soup's On II

8:15 Whitewater Manufacturing vs., Stevens Trucking


Wednesday, September 12 (schedule changes)

6:15 (N) Stevens Trucking 5 RyMak Services 13

6:15 (S) Valia Excavating 8 Soup's On (-6) 20

7:15 (N) Whitewater Manufacturing 8 Stevens Trucking 25

7:15 (S) Soup's On 27 Soup's On II (+6) 19

8:15 (N) Soup's On II 20 Valia Excavating 8

8:15 (S) Soup's On 24 Whitewater Manufacturing (+6) 11

Wednesday, September 19 Schedule Changes -(Bye: Soup's On, DH-RyMak Services)

6:15 Valia Excavating vs., RyMak Services

7:15 RyMak Services vs., Whitewater Manufacturing

8:15 Soup's On II vs., Stevens Trucking


Wednesday, September 26 (make up games from Sept. 19th)

6:15 Valia Excavating vs., RyMak Services

7:15 RyMak Services vs., Whitewater Manufacturing

8:15 Soup's On II vs., Stevens Trucking


October, 2018

Wednesday, October 4

6:15 World Series (Game 1)

7:15 Bottom 4 Tourney 5th Pl. vs., 3rd Pl.

8:15 Bottom 4 Tourney 6th Pl. vs., 4th Pl.

Wednesday, October 10

6:15 Bottom 4 Final - Winners of Oct. 4

7:15 World Series (Game 2)

8:15 World Series (Game 3) if needed


Standings as of September 12, 2018
1st Half Wins
1st Half Losses
2nd Half Wins
2nd Half Losses
"Men's "C"/Gold" League
Soup's On
RyMak Services
Soup's On II
Valia Excavating
Stevens Trucking
Whitewater Manufacturing

This Year's Champions


Previous Champions

2017 "Gold" Stevens Trucking
2016 "C":
2015 "GOLD": Fat Boyz
2014 "GOLD": Money Manziel
2013 "GOLD": Fat Boyz
2012: Fat Boyz

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