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Softball League Schedule & Information

Games are played evenings at Ralph Park softball diamonds located at 600 Jefferson St. To check if weather conditions may have caused cancellation, beginning at 4:30 p.m., call the Ralph Park Softball Hotline at 920.568.9719. Complete league rules are outlined in the league schedule book available on opening night or also located in the scorebox. Players may participate several nights per week, but once you have played for a team you are ineligible to play for any other team or in any other league on that night. Players must be 15 years of age to participate (except the 30 & older league).

Adult Programs  Softball Monday Men's "B & C" League

Monday Men's "C" League

All Games Played on South Diamonds.



* Team listed first is the visiting team, last team listed is the home team.

* Once a player participates in a game, they may not play for any other Monday night team.

* Regulation game is 7 innings, 55 minute time limit or 15 run rule after five innings or 12 run rule after six innings (whichever comes first). Tied games after the time limit are played to conclusion (note: 10th inning+, runner starts on 2nd base). If rain causes a game to end prematurely, game is regulation if 4 1/2 innings played (provided the home team is ahead).

* Rain make-ups played @ 8:15 as DH. If there is an unusual number of rain outs, Parks & Rec reserve the right to play games on other nights or weekends (Aug 4 or 11).

* Base runners may advance only on a batted ball and shall be out if they lead off before the ball is hit. Safety extention is utilized at home plate, runners must touch home plate. Safety first base is used, runners must hit the orange base on initial throw to first.

* Home Run Rule (South Diamond) Teams may not have more than 3 over the fence home runs than its opponent. Then are outs.

(North Diamon) Teams are limited to a TOTAL of 3 over the fence home runs during the game. Then are outs.

* Pitching Arch Limit: 6 to 10 feet from the ground. Plate & Mat is a strike.

* Complete rules and legal bats list is available in the score box.

LEAGUE SET UP: All Games played count in the Standings.

* Teams will play each twice in each half. Play-offs will be used to break first place ties.

* The odd number of teams in our Lower "D" League, along with better balance in this "C" League make cross-over play less beneficial to both leagues.

* We will evaluate the strength of the top "D" teams to determine if any bonus games are considered.

* Based on results in last year's post-season tournament and 2nd half play, we are not utilizing a run handicap in this league.

Check Standings & Make-up Schedules at www.fortparksandrec.com

May 2018

Monday, May 7

6:15 Soup's 12 Salamone's 8

7:15 Papa Murphy's/Cedar Ridge Contr. 12 Anytime Fitness 19

Monday, May 14

6:15 Salamone's vs. , Papa Murphy's/Cedar Ridge Contr.

7:15 Anytime Fitness vs. , Soup's On


Monday, May 21

6:15 Soup's On vs, , Papa Murphy's/Cedar Ridge Constr.

7:15 Salamone's vs. , Anytime Fitness


Monday, May 28


Memorial Day Holiday

June 2018

Monday, June 4

6:15 Salamone's 8 , Soup's On 16

7:15 Soup's On 23 , Papa Murphy's/Cedar Ridge Contr. 3

8:15 Anytime Fitness 15 , Papa Murphy's/Cedar Ridge Contr. 16

Monday, June 11

6:15 Papa Murphy's/Cedar Ridge Constr. 7 , Salamone's 15

7:15 Salamone's 27 , Anytime Fitness 10 make-up May 21

8:15 Soup's On 21 Anytime Fitness 22 New Time

Doubleheaders: Anytime Fitness & Salamone's

Monday, June 18

6:15 Papa Murphy's/Cedar Ridge Constr. vs. , Soup's On

7:15 Salamone's vs. Papa Murphy's/Cedar Ridge Const make-up May 14

8:15 Anytime Fitness vs. , Salamone's New Time

**End of 1st Half**

Doubleheaders: Salamone's & Papa Murphy's/Cedar Ridge Const


Monday, June 25

6:15 Soup's On vs. , Salamone's (2nd half game)

7:15 Anytime Fitness vs. Soup's On make-up May 14 (final game of 1st half)

8:15 Papa Murphy's/Cedar Ridge Constr. vs. , Anytime Fitness New Time (2nd Half game)

Doubleheaders: Soup's On & Anytime Fitness

July 2018

Monday, July 2
(These games are from June 18)

6:15 Papa Murphy's/Cedar Ridge Constr. vs. , Soup's On

7:15 Salamone's vs. , Papa Murphy's/Cedar Ridge Const (make-up May 14)

8:15 Anytime Ftiness vs. Salamone's (New Time )


Monday, July 9

6:15 Soup's On vs. , Papa Murphy's/Cedar Ridge Constr.

7:15 Salamone's vs. ,Papa Murphy's/Cedar Ridge Constr. (from July 2)

8:15 Salamone's vs. , Anytime Fitness (NEW TIME)

Monday, July 16

6:15 Salamone's vs. , Soup's On

7:15 Anytime Fitness vs. , Soup's On (From July 2)

8:15 Anytime Fitness vs. , Pap Murphy's/Cedar Ridge (new time)

Monday, July 23 (unchanged schedule)

6:15 Papa Murphy's/Cedar Ridge Constr. vs. , Salamone's

7:15 Soup's On vs. , Anytime Fitness

Monday, July 30 (unchanged schedule)

6:15 Papa Murphy's/Cedar Ridge Constr. vs. , Soup's On

7:15 Anytime Fitness vs. , Salamone's

**End of 2nd Half**

August 2018

Monday, August 6

"C" League Play-offs/Championship (if needed)

**If any additional ran outs occur we will likely play on August 6 & bump play-offs 1 week.


as of June 11, 2018
1st Half Wins
1st Half Losses
2nd Half Wins
2nd Half Losses
"C" League
Soup's On
Anytime Fitness
Papa Murphy's

"B" 1st Half Champs = The Wizard 10

"C" 1st Half Champs = Salamones

This Year's Champions

2017 "B": The Wizard 10
2017 "C": Salamone's
2017 "D": Lou's Riverview

Previous Champions

B League

2016 "B": Soup's On
2016 "C": Salamone's
2016 "D": Badger Basements
2015 "B/C": Soup's On
2015 "D+": Anytime Fitness
2015 "D": Badger Basements
2014 "B": Soup's On
2014 "C": Softball Maniac
2013: Filling Station/Lou's Riverview
2012: Hamacher Lawn Care
2011: No League
2010: Papa Murphy's
2009: Papa Murphy's
2008: Fat Boyz
2007: Fat Boyz

C League

2013: Salamone's
2012: Lou's Riverview
2011: Jimmy Johns
2010: Midwest Masonry
2009: Fin's Bar & Grill
2008: Capn's Corner II
2007: Wholesome Harvest

Top Batters

B League

2014: Mark Bowers (State Signs/Papa Murphy's) .683
2013: Mark Blakely (Soup's On) .742
2012: Casey Badura (Fat Boyz) .725
2011: No League
2010: Chris Behrens (Jimmy Johns) .759
2009: Chris Behrens (Jimmy Johns) .759
2008: Jacob Soriano (Fat Boyz) .857
2007: Mike Hall (Jimmy Johns) .692

C League

2014: Greg HIll (Salamone's) .654
2013: Eric Burrow(Lou's Riverview) .650
2011: Chris Behrens (Jimmy Johns) .759
2010: No League
2009: Jacobo Soriano (Redi Serve) .690
2008: Brian Earle (Capn's Corner) .737
2007: Chris Zastrow (Wholesome Harvest) .667

2014 Top Batters

B League

Mark Bowers (State Signs/Papa Murphy's) .683
Jose Mieses (Filling Station/Lou's) .655
Brad Malueg (Filling Station/Lou's) .633
Steve Hartwig (Soup's On) .615
TJ Avitt (Filling Station/Lou's) .594
Mark Blakey (Soup's On) .586
Ryan Vail (Filling Station/Lou's) .577
Doug Merline (Soup's On) .571
Lucas Smithyman (State Signs/Papa Murphy's) .571
Greg Riddell (Soup's On) .561

C League

Greg Hill (Salamone's) .654
Kevin Bailey (Softball Maniac) .643
Jason Kyle (Lou's Riverview/Crawfish Jct.) .636
Andrew Cashin (Fat Boyz) .621
Cam Stark (Softball Maniac) .617
Corey Fritsche (Softball Maniac) .595
Corey Schultz (Softball Maniac) .553
Ben Proeber (Lou's Riverview/Crawfish Jct.).548
Mickey Chase (Softball Maniac) .545
Eric Burrow (Lou's Riverview/Crawfish Jct.).528
Travis Hartmann (Fat Boyz) .528