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Softball League Schedule & Information

Games are played evenings at Luther softball diamonds. Complete league rules can be found at the Parks & Rec. Special Rules - 1) After Ball 4, the offensive coach comes out and pitches no more then 3 pitches to the batter. 2)All plays at home plate are a force out - catcher may use the extension

GRADES 3-4-5


SD = South Diamond ND = North Diamond. 2nd team listed is the home team and should be in the 3rd base dugout.

JUNE 2018

Monday, June 11

5:00 Rock River Repair 4 Culvers 5(NC)

6:30 Advance Auto Parts 9 W & A 9 (NC)

Thursday, June 14

5:00 Culvers W W & A L

6:30 Rock River Repair 5 Advance Auto Parts 3

Monday, June 18

5:00 Advance Auto Parts vs. Culvers RAINED OUT

6:30 W & A vs. Rock River Repair RAINED OUT

Thursday, June 21

5:00 W & A vs. Advance Auto Parts RAINED OUT

6:30 Culvers vs. Rock River Repair RAINED OUT

Monday, June 25

5:00 Advance Auto Parts 3 Rock River Repair 6

6:30 W & A 10 Culvers 2


Advance 4:20...Rock River Repair 4:40...W & A 5:30...Culvers 5:45

Thursday, June 28

4:50 SD Advance Auto Parts 1 Culvers 2

4:50 ND W & A 2 Rock River Repair 1

6:30 SD W & A 4 Advance Auto Parts 9

6:30 ND Culvers 11 Rock River Repair 3

**End of 1st Half**

JULY 2018

Monday, July 2

No Games

Thursday, July 5

No Games

Monday, July 9

5:00 Rock River Repair 6 W & A 4

6:30 Culvers 2 Advance Auto Parts 3

Thursday, July 12

5:00 Rock River Repair 4 Culvers 5

6:30 Advance Auto Parts 1 W & A 3

Monday, July 16

5:00 Rock River Repair 0 Advance Auto Parts 6 (forfeit)

6:30 Culvers 5 W & A 2

Thursday, July 19

5:00 W & A L Rock River Repair W

6:30 Advance Auto Parts 5 Culvers 1

Monday, July 23

5:00 W & A 5 Advance Auto Parts 4

6:30 Culvers 5 Rock River Repair 3

**End of 2nd Half**

Thursday, July 26

5:00 SD Advance Auto Parts 0 Culvers 4

6:30 SD

All games - 1) Home team will be decided by a coin flip. 2) All league rules apply, including the time limit

Monday, July 30

5:00 NO GAME



Coach Alexander

Coach Jeknavorian

Hailey Acosta

Mackenzie Baldry

Lillian Frohmader

Ashlynn Hampton

Angelica Hardwick

Jenna Jaknavorian

Alexia Rottmann

Lilyan Rottmann

Emily Torres

Lexie Wessels


Coach Granec

Coach Rowley

Isabelle Anderson

Jessica Besch

Lillian Granec

Emma Jordan

Ava Leurquin

Melanee Pick

Ashlie Riley

Ava Rohloff

Callie Sahr

Kaylee Stortz


Coach Ulrich

Coach Prosser

Morgan Borchardt

Allyson Dvesterbeck

Tori Edwards

Emily Foerster

Cassidy Larson

Delaney Lupiezowiec

Addison Potter

Allison Prisk

Maddy Stine

Sophie Ulrich


Coach Mattrisch

Coach Maxfield

Mia Bilau

Kylie Gruennert

Samantha Mallin

Lauren Mattrisch

Addison Maxfield

Sofia Portugal

Adriana Portugal

Stacy Rowe

Kayla Thorman

Carley Weiss

Hailey Zaverl


as of July 23, 2018
1st Half Wins
1st Half L-Tie
2nd Half Wins
2nd Half L-Tie
Advance Auto Parts
Rock River Repair
W & A

This Year's Champions

2018: 1st Half - Culvers
2018: 2nd Half - Culvers & Advance Auto
2018: League Champs - Culvers

Thursday, July 26

Culvers Allison Prisk 2x4 R; Sophie Ulrich 2x3 R; Emily Foerster 3x4 Double; Maddy Stine 2x3 R ; Morgan Borchardt 1x3 R
Advance Auto Parts Mia Bilau 1x2; Kylie Gruennert 2x2; Sofia Portugal 1x2

Monday, July 23

Rock River Repair Isabelle Anderson 1x3; Jessica Besch 3x3 2R; Emma Jordan 1x2; Ava Roholff 3x3; Callie Sahr 1x2 R; Lillian Granec 1x2 R
Culvers Allison Prisk 3x3 2R; Sophie Ulrich 1x3 R; Emily Foerster 3x3 2R; Delaney Lupiezowiec 2x3; Cassidy Larson 3x3 R; Tori Edwards 3x3; Maddy Stine 2x3; Morgan Borchardt 1x3

Thursday, July 19

Advance Auto Parts Samantha Mallin 3x3; Addison Maxfield 2x3; Adriana Portugal 2x2; Carley Weiss 1x2; Mia Bilau 1x2
Culvers Sophie Ulrich 1x2; Emily Foerster 1x2; Allyson Dvesterbeck 2x2; Cassidy Larson 1x2; Tori Edwards 1x2
Rock River Repair Jessica Besch 2x4 2R; Isabelle Anderson 1x4; Ashlie Riley 3x4 3R Double, Triple; Ava Leurquin 2x3 R; Callie Sahr 2x3 2R; Kaylee Stortz 2x3 R; Emma Jordan 3x3; Ava Rohloff 3x3 R
W & A Jenna Jeknavorian 2x3 2R; Lilyan Rottmann 2x3 2R; Lexie Wessels 2x3; Ashlynn Hampton 3x3; Hailey Acosta 2x2; Mackenzie Baldry 1x2; Alexia Rottmann 1x2; Vianica Martinez 1x2; Evie Stine 1x2; Lily Frohmader 1x2 R

Monday, July 16

Rock River Repair Callie Sahr 4x4 2R; Emma Jordan 1x4 R; Ava Rohloff 3x4 R; Jessica Besch 3x3 R; Ava Leurquin 1x3 R; Kaylee Stortz 2x3
Advance Auto Parts Kylie Gruennert 1x3 R; Lauren Mattrisch 1x3; Sofia Portugal 2x3; Kayla Thorman 2x3; Adriana Portugal 1x2 R; Carley Weiss 1x2 R

Thursday, July 12

Rock River Repair Ava Leurquin 1x2 R; Ava Rohloff 1x2 R; Ashlie Riley 2x2 Triple R; Callie Sahr 2x2; Jessica Besch 2x2 R; Lillian Granec 1x2; Kaylee Stortz 1x2; Emma Jordan 1x2
Culvers Cassidy Larson 1x3; Allyson Dvesterbeck 1x2 R; Delaney Lupiezowiec 1x2 R; Emily Foerster 2x2 R; Sophie Ulrich 2x2 R; Morgan Borchardt 2x2 R; Tori Edwards 1x2; Allison Prisk 1x2
Advance Auto Parts Samantha Mallin 2x2; Sofia Portugal 1x2
W & A Lilyan Rottmann 2x2; Ashlynn Hampton 2x2; Lillian Frohmader 1x1

Monday, July 9

Rock River Repair Jessica Besch 2x3; Ava Leurquin 3x3 3R; Emma Jordan 3x3 R; Callie Sahr 3x3 R; Ava Rohloff 3x3; Lillian Granec 3x3; Isabelle Anderson 1x2 R
W & A Lilyna Rottmann 1x3; Lexi Rottman 2x2 R; Ashlynn Hampton 2x2; Vianica Martinez 1x2; Hailey Acosta 1x2 R; Emily Torres 1x2; Jenna Jeknavorian 2x2 R; Lily Frohmader 2x2 R
Advance Auto Parts Kylie Gruennert 2x3; Samantha Mallin 2x3; Carley Weiss 2x2; Mia Bilau 2x2
Culvers Allyson Dvesterbeck 2x3; Emily Foerster 2x3; Delaney Lupiezowiec 2x3

Thursday, June 28

Rock River Repair Lillian Granec 1x2; Ashlie Riley 2x2 R; Ava Leurquin 1x2; Melanee Pick 1x2; Emma Jordan 2x2; Callie Sahr 1x2
W & A Alexia Rottmann 1x3; Lilyan Rottmann 1x3 R; Hailey Acosta 1x3; Ashlynn Hampton 1x2; Lexie Wessels 1x2 R; Jenna Jeknavorian 2x2; Mackenzie Baldry 1x2; Vianaca Martinez 1x2
Culvers Tori Edwards 3x3; Allyson Dvesterbeck 2x3
Advance Auto Parts Lauren Mattrisch 2x2; Addison Maxfield 2x2; Samantha Mallin 2x2
Rock River Repair Ashlie Riley Homerun; Callie Sahr 2x2; Kaylee Stortz 2x2; Ava Leuquin 1x2; Jessica Besch 2x2 R; Lillian Granec 1x2 R; Emma Jordan 1x1
Culvers Maddy Stine 4x4; Morgan Borchardt 1x4 R; Emily Foerster 3x4 2R; Cassidy Larson 4x4 3R; Delaney Lupiezowiec 3x4 2R; Sophie Sophie Ulrich 2x3 R; Tori Edwards 2x3 R; Allison Prisk 2x3 R
Advance Auto Parts Kylie Gruennert 2x3; Lauren Mattrisch 2x3; Addison Maxfield 2x3; Kayla Thorman 3x3; Samantha Mallin 2x3; Hailey Zaverl 2x2
W & A Lexie Wessels 2x3; Jenna Jeknavorian 2x3

Monday, June 25

Rock River Repair Ava Leurquin 1x3 R; Emma Jordan 1x2; Jessica Besch 1x2; Callie Sahr 2x2 R; Kaylee Stortz 1x2 R; Ava Rohloff 2x2 R; Isabelle Anderson 1x2 R; Lillian Granec 1x2 R
Advane Auto Parts Kylie Gruennert 2x2 R; Kayla Rowe 1x2 R; Lauren Mattrisch 1x2; Addison Maxfield 1x2 R; Carley Weiss 1x2; Kayla Thorman 2x2; Sofia Portugal 1x2; Hailey Zaverl 1x2

Thursday, June 14

Advance Auto Parts Kylie Gurennert 1x2; Addison Maxfield 2x2 R; Kayla Rowe 1x1 R; Kayal Thorman 2x2 R; Samantha Mallin 1x2; Sofia Portugal 2x2; Carley Weiss 2x2
Rock River Repair Ava Rohloff 2x4 2R; Lillian Granec 1x4 R; Callie Sahr 3x3; Ashlie Riley 3x3; Isabelle Anderson 1x3; Emma Jordan 2x3; Ava Leurquin 3x3 2R>

Monday, June 4

Culvers Maddy Stine 3x3 2R; Emily Foerster 3x3 R; Cassidy Larson 2x3; Allison Prisk 1x3; Tori Edwards 2x3; Delaney Lupiezowiec 2x3 R
Rock River Repair Callie Sahr 2x3 2R; Ava Rohloff 2x3 R; Isabelle Anderson 2x3; Jessica Besch 3x3 Double, R; Melanee Pick 1x3; Emma Jordan 1x3
Advance Auto Parts Kylie Gruennert 2x3; Addison Maxfield 3x3; Kayla Thorman 2x3; Kayla Rowe 2x3; Samantha Mallin 2x3; Sofia Portugal 2x2
W & A Hailey Acosta 2x3; Lilyan Rottmann 3x3; Ashlynn Hampton 2x3; Alexia Rottmann 2x3; Jenna Jeknavorian 2x3