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Softball League Schedule & Information

Games are played evenings at Luther softball diamonds. Complete league rules can be found at the Parks & Rec. Special Rules - 1) Only 4 walks in each half inning. After the 4th, the offensive coach comes out and pitches no more then 3 pitches to the batter. 2)Only 1 run via wild pitch/passed ball may be scored each half inning.

GRADES 6-7-8


All Games Are Played on the North Diamond. 2nd team listed is the home teams and should be in the 3rd base dugout.

JUNE 2018

Tuesday, June 12

5:00 Festival Foods 10 Rock River Lanes 10

6:30 A Cut Above 3 BKS 5

Wednesday, June 13

5:00 BKS 6 ,Rock River Lanes 9

6:30 A Cut Above 8 Festival Foods 6

Tuesday, June 19

5:00 Rock River Lanes 13 A Cut Above 8

6:30 BKS 17 Festival Foods 7


Rock River Lanes 4:20...A Cut Above 4:35...5:30 BKS...Festival Foods 5:45

Wednesday, June 20

5:00 BKS 10 A Cut Above 11

6:30 Rock River Lanes 19 Festival Foods 15

Tuesday, June 26

5:00 Festival Foods 5 A Cut Above 10

6:30 Rock River Lanes 1 BKS 7

**End of 1st Half**

Wednesday, June 27

Rain Make-Up

JULY 2018

Tuesday, July 3


Wednesday, July 4


Tuesday, July 10

5:00 Festival Foods 10 BKS 6

6:30 A Cut Above 8 Rock River Lanes 18


Festival Foods 4:20...BKS 4:30...A Cut Above 5:30...Rock River Lanes 5:45

Wednesday, July 11

5:00 Festival Foods 14 Rock River Lanes 3

6:30 A Cut Above 5 BKS 8

Tuesday, July 17

5:00 BKS 15 Rock River Lanes 2

6:30 A Cut Above 7 Festival Foods 2

Wedensday, July 18

5:00 Rock River Lanes 11 A Cut Above 8

6:30 BKS 14 Festival Foods 0

Tuesday, July 24

5:00 BKS 9 A Cut Above 6

6:30 Rock River Lanes L Festival Foods W

Wedensday, July 25

5:00 Festival Foods 5 A Cut Above 7

6:30 Rock River Lanes 4 BKS 7

**End of 2nd Half**

Tuesday, July 31

5:00 Rock River Lanes (1st Half Champ) 6 BKS (2nd Half Champ) 10

6:30 Festival Foods vs. A Cut Above

Coin Flip to determine home team. All league rules apply, including time limit

Wedenesday, August 1

5:00 RAIN MAKE-UP for Tues July 31

Coin Flip to determine home team. All league rules apply, including time limit



Coach Aalto

Coach Johnson

Coach Holzli

Selina Armstrong

Madi Bergschnieder

Makia Cave

Erin Dahnert

Kaitlyn Davies

Rebekah Davies

Hailey Harris

Sarah Holzli

Bella McKelvey

Rebekah McKenzie

Quinn Teubert

Ellie Tuten

Mara Zanin


Coach Christiansen

Coach Badura

Haiden Badura

Emma Berg

Tessa Byrnes

Brooke Christiansen

Meredyth Cluver

Mya Helmick

Esther Jones

Kylie McKee

Alyssa Midenstein

Abby Pennewell

Laura Peterson

Vivian Riggs

Grace Rozell


Coach McMiller

Coach McMiller

Coach Olszak

Reagan Horwath

Kaylee Jordan

Mikayla Kooiman

Carley McGowan

Kailey McMiller

Hannah Mildenstein

Andrea Olszak

Alison Olszak

Kylie Smith

Tyla Staude

Rachelle Trost

Paige Wangerin

Kiara Wolfram


Coach Behm

Coach Edwards

Coach Luebke

Emily Behm

Vivian Behm

Rachel Edwards

Jordan Fry

Makenzie Guerra

Tawney Hadler

Karlye Hansen

Allison Howe

Ashley Kaye Hudson

Leah Kincaid

Mariah Luebke

Alexis Veenhuis

Trista Yackels


as of July 24, 2018
1st Half Wins
1st Half Losses-Ties
2nd Half Wins
2nd Half Losses-Ties
Festival Foods
Rock River Lanes
A Cut Above

This Year's Champions

2018: 1st Half Champ - Rock River Lanes
2018: 2nd Half Champ - Bender, Kind & Stafford
2018: League Champs - Bender, Kind & Stafford

Wednesday, July 18

BKS Sarah Holzli 4x4 Double; Erin Dahnert 4c4 Double; Selina Armstrong 3x5 Double; Ellie Tuten 3x4 3 RBI's
Rock River Lanes Carly McGowan 1x3 Double; Andrea Olszah 1x3; Kaily McMiller 1x3; Hannah Mildensten 1x3 Double; Kiara Wolfram 3x3 Double; Alisaon Olszak 2x3; Kylie SMith 1x3; Mikayla Kooiman 1x2

Tuesday, July 17

BKS Bella McKelvey 4x4; Erin Dahnert 4x4 Double; Sarah Holzli 4x4 Double; Rebekah Davies 3x3; Makiah Cave 3x4 2 RBI's
Rock River Lanes Hannah Mildenstein 1x3

Wednesday, July 11

BKS Hailey Harris 3x3; Sarah Holzli 3x3; Mara Zanin 3x3
A Cut Above Vivian Behm 2x3; Emily Behm 2x3
Rock River Lanes Kiara Wolfram 1x2 Double; Mikayla Kooiman 1x2; Kailey McMiller 1x2

Tuesday, July 10

BKS Bella McKelvey 2x2; Rebekah Davies 1x2 RBI; Ellie Tuten 2x2; Erin Dahnert 2x2 Triple
A Cut Above Mariah Luebke 2x2; Allison Howe 2x2; Vivan Behm 2x2; Emily Behm 1x2 Double
Rock River Lanes Carly McGowan 2x3; Kiara Wolfram 3x3 Double, HR; Hannah Mildenstein 2x2 Double; Kylee Jordan 1x2; Kailey McMiller 2x2; Paige Wangerin 2x2

Tuesday, June 26

A Cut Above Jordan Fry 1x1; Trista Yackels 1x2; Emily Behm 1x2
Festival Foods
BKS Madi Bergschnieder 3x3; Makiah Cave 3x3 2 RBI's; Kaitlyn Davies 2x2; Rebekah Davies 2x3; Selina Armstrong 2x2
Rock River Lanes Hannah Mildenstein 1x3; Alison Olszak 1x2

Wednesday, June 20

Rock River Lanes Carly McGowan 1x5; Andrea Olszak 2x4; Hannah Midenstein 2x4; Paige Wangerin 1x4; Kaylee Jordan 2x4; Alison Olszak 4x4 Double; Kailey McMiller 1x4; Kiara Wolfram 2x4
A Cut Above Mariah Luebke 3x3 Double, Vivian Behm 2x3; Ashley Hudson 2x2 Double
Festival Foods

Tuesday, June 19

A Cut Above Allison Howe Triple
Rock River Lanes Carley McGowan 2x4; Andrew Olszak 3x4 Double; Hannah Mildenstein 3x4 Double; Paige Wangerin 3x4; Kylie Smith 3x4 Double; Natalie Dornan 1x3
BKS Maddi Bergschnieder 4x5 2 RBI's; Selina Armstrong 3x4 RBI; Sarah Holzli 4x4 3 RBI's; Bella McKelvey 4x5 RBI
Festival Foods

Wednesday, June 13

BKS Sarah Holzli 2x3 Double; Mara Zanin 1x2; Rebekah McKenzie 2x2
Rock River Lanes Kaylee Jordan Double; Hannah Midlenstein Double; Kylie Smith 1x3; Kiara Wolfram Double; Tyla Staude 1x3; Kailey McMiller Double
A Cut Above Mariah Luebke 2x3
Festival Foods Brooke Christianson Triple 3RBI's; Esther Jones 2x2 RBI; Laura Peterson 2x2

Tuesday, June 12

Rock River Lanes Andrea Olszak Double; Kaylee Jordan Double; Mikayla Kooiman 1x3
Festival Foods Esther Jones 3x3 2R; Brooke Christianson 2x2 2R
BKS Hailey Harris 2x3; Sarah Holzli 2x3; Bella McKelvey 2x2; Erin Dahnert 2x2
A Cut Above Tawney Hadler 2x2