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Swim Lessons (Ages 3+)

Swim Lessons

** The swim lesson schedule posted below is the updated version. Please discard the summer brochure version **  6-3-20

Registrations are NOT accepted at the Family Aquatic Center.

Weather may force class cancellations.

Swim lessons will look different this year as we navigate through regulations and safety measures. 

Puddlers, Polywogs and Guppies  will require parents to be in the water with children. 

Tadpoles, Frogs and levels 4-6 will be similar to past years. 

** Please note - Each child will be allowed to sign up for two sessions at this time **

Private Lessons:

Parents will not be required to be in the water with the child.

To secure private lessons, you MUST call our Aquatic Center starting June 15th.  Scheduling of private lessons happens directly through the pool.  920.563.7799

 Private (1 on 1), Semi-Private (2 on 1), Tri-Private (3 on 1) swimming lessons may be booked with the aquatic center staff. The five class sessions (30 minutes each) are arranged directly through the instructor.  Call early because instructors fill up fast! Fees range from $45 to $80. 

Due to safety regulations, semi and tri private lessons have to be children from the same family.